Who is on Unit 13? Evangelion:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME [Spoilers]



Eva No. 13 is cool!

First of all, my first impression w

By the way, who is on this Unit 13 …

At Eva Q, Shinji and Kaoru got on this Unit 13.

Shin Evangelion

Quote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRQMZADWoPI&t=155s

However, Kaoru is no longer there.
Besides, I don’t think Shinji will ride on the NERV aircraft No. 13 again, and in the first place, Shinji will ride on the first aircraft …

Who is on this Unit 13?

Is it a dummy system?

Will Kaoru be resurrected?

Ray? Or Gendou …?

There may be various considerations, but …

Who is on Eva Unit 13?

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This Notice / Revised 2 [Official] Video | Evangelion:3.0+1.01 [Spoilers]

Evangelion official notice of YouTube channel “Color Co., Ltd.”!

“Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” This notice / Kai 2 [Official] is displayed in the [01:10] cut.

At dusk, Eva No. 13 is sitting , and a longinus spear is in her hand.
You can tell that someone has come by turning around from the attitude of waiting for someone.

And, with a background like the city of New Tokyo, Unit 13 responded with a longinus spear, and the first unit with a Cassius spear.


Who is on Unit 13? |Evangelion:3.0+1.01 [Spoilers]

Shin Evangelion

Quote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8mf0qDD3Qg

Shin Evangelion

Quote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8mf0qDD3Qg

The truth is …

Ikari Gendou is on board Eva Unit 13.

And of course Shinji Ikari is on the first machine.

I think it’s okay to have a battle place in Tokyo-3, but … it’s the “back space” w

Or, the world of Shinji’s memory may be correct.

The reason is that the battle place changes.
It’s New Tokyo City, Misato’s room, classroom (Eva changes to the size of a person)

Well, in a nutshell, it’s a fierce parent-child quarrel.
And Gendou’s purpose is to meet Yui, that’s it.


Who is on Unit 13? Evangelion:3.0+1.01 [Spoilers] | Related Articles

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Who is on Unit 13? Evangelion:3.0+1.01 [Spoilers] | Summary

Shin Evangelion

Quote: https://twitter.com/evangelion_co

We will tell you the truth after the movie was released on March 8, 2021!

So, who will be on the No. 13 aircraft on the Nerv side this time It was that …

Ikari Gendou was riding in the back space or in the world of Shinji’s memory .

Eva No. 13 on which Gendou rides has a longinus spear, and Eva No. 1 on which Shinji rides has a Cassius spear, and a fierce battle is fought.

And Eva No. 13 showing the overwhelming difference in power … Shinji-kun, the first machine that can be done unilaterally.

… A word that Shinji, who was made bumpy, said to Gendou.

Shinji Ikari “I want to do XX.”

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