The reason for the rage of Midori Kitakami! Evangelion:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME [Spoilers]



It’s really sharp! ??

It’s unusually sharp, isn’t it?

Despite the new character from Eva Q, it is quite important that it appears in Shin Eva’s notice .

And what is worrisome is who is sharp! ??

Thinking about it, it seems that Eva Q was slamming against Shinji …

Shin Evangelion


There may be various considerations, but …

Who is Midori Kitakami sharp against?
What are you sharp against?

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This Notice / Revised 2 [Official] Video | Evangelion:3.0+1.01 [Spoilers]

Evangelion official notice of YouTube channel “Color Co., Ltd.”!

“Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” This notice / Kai 2 [Official] is displayed in the [0:52] cut.

Midori Kitakami, a new character from Eva Q, feels like a generous generation alone with Ville Crew. Emotions are easy to express, and I have a grudge against Shinji.

  • I’m screaming so much that I can’t see the surroundings.
  • You can read emotions such as hatred and fear.

The reason for the rage of Midori Kitakami! Evangelion:3.0+1.01 [Spoilers]

Shin Evangelion


The truth is …

This is the moment when Shinji decides to ride the first machine again!

Midori Kitakami “I’m not kidding! I’m not going to put it on Eva, right?

It seems to be said tremendously w

Shinji is angry about getting on the first machine again.

In, or angry why north green up here?

It turns out that he has a strong anger at Shinji and Gendou because he lost his parents due to Shinji’s “Near Third Impact” .


The reason for the rage of Midori Kitakami! Evangelion:3.0+1.01 [Spoilers] | Related Articles

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The reason for the rage of Midori Kitakami! Evangelion:3.0+1.01 [Spoilers] | Summary

Shin Evangelion


We will tell you the truth after the movie was released on March 8, 2021!

So why is Midori Kitakami this time? To whom? Is it sharp? It was that.

Midori Kitakami has lost her parents due to the near third impact and hates the Ikari parent and child who made the cause.

Therefore, when Shinji Ikari decided to ride the first machine again, this was the expression that he couldn’t control his anger !

Basically, the story unfolds from Shinji’s point of view, so everyone is on Shinji’s side, but as if Toji Suzuhara also hit Shinji, you can’t help but understand his feelings, right?

After this, Shinji Ikari confronts Midori Kitakami holding a gun.

However, it wasn’t Midori Kitakami who shot the gun at Shinji, but that Ville Crew …

If you are interested in the continuation, please enjoy it at the theater!