Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO. 』Prequel Edition



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Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0』Prequel Edition | Why uniforms! ??

Mari “I need to learn at any time.”
Asuka “It’s time to move to the ship over there!
Why uniforms !?”

Just before the US operation, Mali had to stay on another ship, but when she appeared in her uniform in front of Asuka, she said a word.

In the US operation, I will meet Shinji Ikari, but Mali has only met Shinji Ikari once, and may you remember that she is not the same as that time? He is showing off his uniform with half a joke.

Shin Evangelion



Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0』Prequel Edition | He is … no more

Mari “If you don’t look the same as that time, you might remember?”
Asuka “He’s … no more.”
Asuka “Iki, after destroying the world, Ritsuko melted into LCL and disappeared. I also said … “

Maybe I can meet Shinji Ikari again after the US operation? A word I said to Mari who thinks.

Asuka muttering while staring into the distance is impressive.


Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0』Prequel Edition | Hit me!

Mari “What would you do if you could meet? It’s been 14 years since I woke up?”
Asuka “I
‘ll hit you !” Mari ” That’s a heart-warming development.”

If I met Shinji Ikari again, Asuka replied with a stern look, “I’ll hit you!”

The scene at Wunder comes to mind.

Shin Evangelion


Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0』Prequel Edition | Makes you laugh

Mari “Well, it’s a heart-warming development. It’s youth.” Asuka “It ‘s youth with
such a cursed body … I’ll make you laugh.”

A word that Asuka muttered by demeaning her body.

Asuka is a clone, under the curse of Eva, has taken in the Ninth Apostle inside her body, has a sealing pillar, and has a DSS choker around her neck.
Considering that feeling, it’s a very heavy word, isn’t it?

Shin Evangelion


Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0』Prequel Edition | There is no more stupid Shinji

Mari “Let’s do the princess together! The two of us will be the collectors!”
Asuka “Huh?”
Mari “That would make Wanko happy!”
Asuka “… So, I don’t have any stupid Shinji anymore.”

Asuka muttered to tell herself, “Shinji is no longer there.”

Asuka turned away from Mali and muttered with a sad expression.
Inwardly …


Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0』Prequel Edition | After all I will do it

Mari “Ah … Re ? Princess … That plug suit”
Asuka “Connected glasses … I’ll do it too”

Asuka is a word when he decided to take the front line of US operation by taking Mali’s proposal.

Asuka expresses his intention to fight Shinji’s rescue on the front line, but he strongly says, “I can’t leave it to you (Mari).”

Shin Evangelion


Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0』Prequel Edition | Stop singing Hana! Annoying!

Mari “Your way is endlessly ♪”
Mari “But, I’m gonna bite my teeth ~ ♪”
Mari “Do you go, so much ~ ♪”
Asuka ” Don’t sing Hana! It’s annoying! “

Asuka, who was frustrated by Mali’s Hana song, was dismissed.

Hana songs are sometimes annoying.

Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0』Prequel Edition | Related Articles

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Asuka’s quotes!|『EVANGELION:3.0』Prequel Edition| Summary

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So, this time, I collected “Asuka’s dialogue quotes” from the day before “Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q” .

  • Why uniform! ??
  • He’s … no more
  • Hit me!
  • I’ll make you laugh
  • I don’t have stupid Shinji anymore
  • After all I will do it too
  • Stop singing Hana! Annoying!

Looking at it like this, every word of Asuka has a lot of weight, right?

Did you have any favorite words?

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