What is Quantum Teleport?|Evangelion:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME



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In the contents of this booklet, which says [Caution for spoilers] , the important keywords of this work are lined up.

This time, I will explain one of them, “Quantum Teleport” .

What is Quantum Teleport! ??
Which aircraft can you use?

Includes spoilers for “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version”!
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What is Quantum Teleport?|Evangelion:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME

Shin Evangelion

Quote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tyYvoIlroM

In the minus universe , the teleport used by the 13th machine with Gendou, which is tracked by the 8th Kai.

Quantum is said to be “the smallest unit of physical quantity in various physical phenomena”, but to put it simply, it is the teleportation that Unit 13 can use in the minus universe.

Mali, who is chasing Gendou, said:
Mari: “Sure, Gendou-kun. I’m repeating quantum teleportation because it’s the back universe (minus universe) . It seems like it’s going to be a pain to catch . “

Shin Evangelion

Quote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0f6m-8i660

However, Shinji …

Shinji ” It’s okay Mari-san. I’m going. “

As if going to a nearby park, Shinji “calls Rei Ayanami from Kai No. 8 to Rei Ayanami in the first machine and warps to the first machine .”


What is Quantum Teleport?|Evangelion:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME| Related Articles

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What is Quantum Teleport?|Evangelion:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME| Summary

Shin Evangelion

Quote: https://www.evangelion.co.jp/

So, this time I have explained about “quantum teleport” .

  • The teleport used by Gendou’s 13th machine in the minus universe.
  • Difficult to catch due to repeated quantum teleportation.

Even in the play, the details are not told, so this is the only thing that can be understood.

By the way, what was Shinji’s warp?
Is that also one of the quantum teleports? Is it a business that can achieve a high synchronization rate?